More torque, lower wow and flutter: From SL 1200 mk2 to SP10 mk2

At the end of 2023, we decided to finally do the switch of the turntable for our vinyl lathe cut. So new year new gear in our studio! Cutting vinyl records is our passion and just with constant upgrades to our studio equipment, we can achieve the best results when recording vinyl records. There are so many different factors to achieve the best sound quality and one of them is also turntable torque. Technics SP10 mk2 has a much lower wow and flutter compared to SL 1200 mk2.

Why Technincs SP10?

The characteristics of this legendary turntable speak for themselves. The Technics SP-10 is a legendary direct-drive turntable that has left an indelible mark on the audiophile world since its introduction in the late 1970s. Renowned for its precision and engineering excellence, the SP-10 boasts a heavy, well-damped chassis to minimize vibrations and resonance, ensuring optimal playback performance. Its direct-drive system, a departure from traditional belt-driven mechanisms, provides precise speed control and low wow and flutter for accurate reproduction of audio signals. The SP-10 features a high-torque motor, offering swift start-up times and stable rotation. Additionally, its advanced design minimizes cogging effects, enhancing the overall smoothness of rotation.

Wow and flutter

Wow and flutter are deviations in the speed of a turntable’s rotation, and high percentages of these parameters can negatively impact the sound quality. Wow refers to slow speed variations, while flutter refers to faster variations. When a turntable exhibits a high percentage of wow and flutter the audio playback can experience pitch variations and instability. The sound may exhibit a warbling or wavering effect as if the pitch is constantly shifting up and down. This is most commonly heard on piano and its long sustains which result in the “wawing” effect.

Why the switch

The answer is simple. Technics SL 1200 mk2 is a great turntable but comparing the key characteristics with SP10 mk2 looks like this:

Tecnhincs SP10 mk2:

Starting Torque: 6 kg/cm
Wow and Flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Technics SL1200 mk2:

Starting Torque 1.5 kg/cm
Wow and flutter: 0.01%WRMS*

Better sound on lathe cut

As it was said in the beginning several things are affecting the result of vinyl record cuts, so we are constantly working on upgrades. With this upgrade, we are ready to produce even better custom vinyl records. We are ready for 2024 and already looking forward to new projects!

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