Intellectual Property Rights Acknowledgement


By ordering with Twlinch I (the customer) affirm that all information provided herein is true and complete and that all album contents indicated as being “licensed” are properly licensed for manufacturing (replication, duplication, and/or printing) under the terms of the license from the intellectual property rights owner(s).

I further declare that I am the intellectual property rights owner for all contents indicated as being “owned” by me. I authorize the duplication and replication of all content owned by or licensed by me. I understand that in accordance with the Twlinch Anti-Piracy Compliance Program procedures, Twlinch reserves the right to refuse the processing of any order not complying with the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program guidelines. No order is effective until accepted by Twlinch and is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale. I declare that the above information is correct, that I have the right to reproduce any product and/or audio for said product and that I agree to the Conditions of Sale.

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