Absolutely! You can order 3 records in one order, but you can also send us inquiry for short run or bulk order. We can do up to 100 records per order.

It depends a bit on how much projects we have but we try to ship custom vinyl record in 7 days after receiving the order. It also depends on how good recordings are and if we need to do some adjustments for vinyl record cut.

We ship worldwide. However the shipping options and time depends on different locations you can see the shipping options here. 

Returning the custom product is not possible. If there is a problem with your vinyl record we will do our best to fix the things and send you another one but returning and getting refund with custom order is not an option.

We try to respond ASAP. It can take up to 12 hours as you can be located at the other side of the globe but we will try to get back to you fast. After placing an order we will send you the link to upload your recordings and layouts for the sleeve and label if you selected to do the design on your own.

It’s okay to record musc you have purchased onto any media you want (because royalties have been paid on them) – but not for commercial purposes. Beyond that, there’s no legal “right” to copy the copyrighted music.

WAV! We are really happy if you can deliver us wav files as this is not a compressed format and we can get best results with recording the vinyl. However in some cases we also accept mp3 files but we can’t guarantee the same quality of sound on your vinyl record.

Sure! We can send you the design services payment link after you already placed your order and you figured out you need some help!

Sound quality can be equal or even better than with pressed vinyl. Everything depends on the quality of recordings, mastering and our procedure of vinyl cut. We always, do our best to deliver best quality vinyl records!

Usually with 50+ records our lead time is 30 days from receiving your final recordings and artworks.

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