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Vinyl records are back in the game

In an era dominated by digital music consumption, vinyl records have defied the odds and experienced a significant resurgence. The numbers speak for themselves, showcasing a remarkable rise in the vinyl records industry. It is not just about the music and analogue feel, but an album on a vinyl record has a different value, in the end of the day we still like stuff that we can hold in our hands.

Sales, sales, sales

Vinyl sales have been skyrocketing in 2020 and 2021, reaching their highest levels in decades. The sales were rising by almost 50% in these two years. But in 2022 the sales stopped growing so fast and were just growing by about 3-5%. Still, this remarkable surge indicates a growing demand for the physical format and a rekindled appreciation for its unique qualities. Vinyl is still far away from the numbers in the past but the industry still stays “healthy”.

The young generation of vinyl enthusiasts

Vinyl has been really popular back in the day but with the rise of digital formats, this format was almost forgotten. However one of the main reasons for the comeback is the young population of vinyl collectors. A significant portion of vinyl buyers comprises younger generations who are discovering the allure of vinyl for the first time. They are drawn to the tactile experience, the novelty of owning physical albums, and the authenticity that vinyl brings to their musical journey.

Vinyl records sales are skyrocketing

Mainstream is back on 12”

Mainstream artists are recognizing the real value of selling their albums on vinyl. Major labels and independent artists are releasing their music on vinyl, catering to the growing demand. This trend has further propelled the vinyl industry, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

Waiting in lines for vinyl press

One of the problems with the vinyl comeback is the manufacturing of this piece of art. The big labels are releasing all of their biggest artists also on vinyl which means the pressing plants are not capable of manufacturing vinyl records fast enough. This means that especially some smaller artists are waiting for their vinyl to be pressed for 12-24 months which is crazy. The alternative is a short-run vinyl records cut, which represents a faster alternative but usually for smaller quantities of up to 100 records.

The vinyl records industry is experiencing a renaissance, with sales soaring to new heights. The combination of nostalgia, superior sound quality, and the inherent collectability of vinyl records has captured the hearts of music lovers across generations. As the numbers continue to rise, it’s clear that vinyl has carved out a permanent place in the ever-evolving landscape of music consumption.